So, who am I and why are we here?

Simply put. I am a cerebral fuck. I think, early, often, and a lot. I spend more time in my head than just about anywhere else in the universe. Occasionally, the thoughts I have are very profound and creative. Sometimes it’s just random bullshit. But often my insights and thoughts are unique, and fun. I have been a fan of all things human sexuality for most of my legal adult life. I read blogs, books, columns and research papers. I listen to podcasts and follow various social media pages. I am a huge fan of sex, sex education, and lifestyles that surround sex. My interests are in porn, kink, sex positivity, sex education, size acceptance, alternative life and relationship styles, BDSM experimentation, and sex work (particularly the decriminalization thereof). These are the things that interest me and that I will be writing about as I feel so compelled to do. But let’s be honest. This is my blog. My little spot on the interwebs to do pretty much whatever I want. So I may write about a few other random things that I feel like sharing. It all kind of depends on what I feel moved to yap about. As I type this I have no idea if anyone will ever read it. But, this is therapy for me. This is intended to be a place to voice my insights and opinions about my journey through this discovery. That is why I am here. That is why, we are here.

But who am I? Ok, so that’s complicated. Actually it isn’t. What is complicated is the idea of a public blog in which the author attempts to maintain some anonymity. I have a pretty boring white collar job with a conservative company in the middle of a community that, though it has some bright spots, is not known for its progressive thinking. I will not be sharing my actual first name. At least not yet. I have a few pseudonyms. “Invictuz” is the name of my online and social media persona. Every once in a while, when I get particularly wrathful and start ranting, I take on an alter ego known as A.B.M. Perhaps I’ll explain what all that means sometime. For now, I will simply be “Invictuz” or “Z” for short. Not meant to be cryptic. I just have a peculiar fascination with the 26th letter of the alphabet.

To further make myself relatable, I will now share the labels by which I prefer to be identified. Forgive the cut and paste, but I have never again been as eloquent as I was when I wrote this; “For the record I identify as; a 94% straight, cis-gendered male, poly amorous, extremely size friendly, kinky, LGBTQ ally, survivor, Dominant, sadist, pervert, aspiring sex geek and slut-in-training.”

And there it is. That is who I am, what I am, what to call me, and why I am here. As I would hope this venture will grow organically, most of the above is subject to change as experiences color the journey. Thanks for listening. Welcome aboard. I will endeavor to be worth the price of admission.

All the best,


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